When the time comes to build your business website, you’ll want to keep your costs as low as possible. So, naturally, you’ll try to find ways to dodge the unnecessary monthly recurring fees. While out there finding opportunities to minimize the cost of setting up a website, you should keep in mind the importance of owning a domain name.

Many prospective website owners still wonder why they should buy a domain name when there is an option to register domain name free. However, experienced website owners can tell you that the free option is costly in the long run. In fact, it can do more harm than good to your business, which is why buying a domain name is prudent. So why should you buy a domain name for your site instead of leveraging the free options? Here why:

a)   Stability is a pretty good reason to buy a domain name

When creating a website, the administrator provides you with a set of rules that you need to follow. Any breach of the rules and they have the right to bring down your site. If you’re using a free domain name, it will be very difficult to convince them to bring your site back on. But if you bought a domain name from them, they might listen to your plea and give you a second chance.

b)  Better search engine recognition if you buy a domain name

Search engines prioritize top-level domain names when ranking websites. You can only get a top level domain name if you buy a domain name. It’s next to impossible to get top-level domains offered for free.

c)   You get a lot of flexibility if you buy a domain name

If you use a free domain name, the hosting provider will have full control of the domain name. And this means they have complete control over your business. On the other hand, if you buy a domain name, you have full control of the domain and your business.

d)  Impressive revenue if you buy a domain name

Advertisers don’t take websites that use free domain names seriously. And so, you run the risk of losing out on advertising if you use a free domain name.


If you’re a new startup website owner, it’s okay to use a free domain name, as you are just starting out and you want to keep your expenditure to a minimum. But if your online business starts picking up, it’s a good idea to buy a domain name.